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Q: Proper Storage of Herbs and Spices

A: Herbs and spices are sensitive to temperature changes, moisture and light and should be stored in a controlled environment. Ideal temperature is below 70 degrees, relative humidity around 55. 

Light strips the herbs and spices of their natural color and removes many key elements. They should be stored in an airtight container and stored in a dry, cool location such as a pantry or cupboard.

All herbs and spices have a fixed shelf life. It is best if you purchase only what you will use based on the following guidelines (if stored properly):

Whole spices and herb leaves and flowers - 12 - 18 months
Seeds and roots - 24 - 36 months
Ground spices - 12 months 
Ground roots - 18 - 24 months 

Q: Why should I eat organic?
A: I have heard a lot of comments from those who are for and against eating organic. I think the most interesting comment was the following, “eating organic doesn’t improve your health”. I thought, hmmm….so, eating foods that are grown in toxic soil is just as healthy for you as food grown in a “certified” organic environment. WOW! 

A few reminders on why eating "healthy" is so important:

  1. Organic products meet strict standards. Certification is an assurance to the public that the product has been grown and handled according to strict procedures and without the use of persistent and toxic chemicals.
  2. In the past the EPA and FDA approved pesticides that would later be determined as a risk to public health. There is plenty of research available that clearly shows evidence that these carcinogenic compounds are lethal and unhealthy.
  3. By removing pesticides, herbicide, and synthetic chemicals from our soil, we are reinstating our ability to eat and drink healthy. And let us not forget about what the chemical sprays do to our ability to breathe in healthy air.
  4. What about the water we drink? Just think how much healthier our water would be if we did not have toxic chemical compounds leaching into our water resources.

Internal health is dependent on the consumption of healthy foods free of pesticides, herbicide, and synthetic compounds. 

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